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Transform your Body and Life at

Bill Phillips Fitness Camp!

Maria Leads by Example

Maria attended Transformation Camp in January 2012 and went on to lose over 60 lbs in the 6 months following. She went from a size 16 to a size 4 and has maintained her weight loss for over five years! Maria never thought she would be in a position to teach other women how to break free from from all the diet non-sense and fads out there today. She now helps others set and achieve healthy fitness goals by focusing on the right amount of exercise, realistic nutrition planning, and celebrating progress each step of the way!

Thousands have Transformed

and so can YOU!

Begin your journey to a NEW body and life!


Now you can workout with Body-for-LIFE author Bill Phillips and have him help YOU get in the best shape of your life!

Bill wants to sit with you face-to-face and talk about your goals. He will help you tap into your full potential and ability to make stunning and healthy changes in your body and life.


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Bill Phillips

People have come from around the world to attend this 3-day intensive program and begin the most transformative 12 weeks of their lives. Camp is an opportunity for people from outside of Colorado to participate and enjoy the benefits of all that we have to offer. Exercise, nutrition, mindset, course correction, motivation, mentoring, support and encouragement are all included in this full-circle “T-360” program. It’s all designed to help you make inspiring, exciting changes in your body, your health, your outlook, your life!

Here at the Transformation Center we teach Bill’s new ‘full circle’ program which is essentially the ‘THE BEST OF’ all his previous work (including Body-for-LIFE, Eating for Life, Transformation, etc.). The information covers the 6 Pillars of his full-circle approach called T-360: MINDSET, MOTIVATION, EXERCISE, NUTRITION, SUPPORT, and ACCOUNTABILITY. We think it is the very best Before to After Program available today. We invite you and others to join Bill in person at the Center to experience the exciting body and life transforming effects of this complete, ‘full-circle’ program.

Bill will give you the knowledge, the motivation, the support, and the friendly accountability you need to finally lose the unhealthy weight (and keep it off) while also rebuilding your strength, lifting your energy through the roof, and improving your quality of life in ways that will have you, your family, and even your doctor smiling ear to ear.

People who attend camp are getting results and that is what it is all about. Their bodies are getting healthier, and they are enjoying their lives more... we’ve seen these transformations in person!! Great things are happening at Camp and in the lives of the wonderful people who come here to attend our 3-day camps.

Bill Phillips Fitness Camp Group

The Transformation Camp Program Includes:

Over 20 hours with Bill and his Transformation Team in a small group setting.


Nutrition Counseling: We teach you about the right foods, the right amount, combinations, and right times. We help you plan your meals in advance and teach you how to schedule the meals into your day. Planning and preparing to eat right is a life skill you will learn that can benefit you for life!

Exercise Coaching: We teach you exactly how to do our 5-25 workouts so you can do them​ on your own.

Motivation: We give you the personal motivation you must have to get started right.


Knowledge: We answer all of your questions daily... the faster we learn, the more progress we will make.

Support: 12 weeks of community support and ongoing coaching tips to help you stay motivated and on track!

Meals: All your healthy meals are provided during the camp.

Discounted Hotel Rate: We set up a special group rate at a hotel within 10 minutes of the Transformation Center. This is where most all Camp participants stay when they travel in from out of town.


Free Transportation: From the hotel to the Transformation Center each day.

Interested in the Camp Experience?

Camp Transformations:


At age 50, Tim Halleran, a fireman in California, is now in the best shape of his life! In the 12 weeks following Camp, Tim went from 21% to 9% bodyfat while dropping 30 lbs on the scale. He has completely transformed his heart health and his doctor could not be happier. Tim credits the simple yet effective 25 minutes workouts taught at Camp, the balanced nutrition, and the online peer-support community as a huge part of his success!

Kira grew up as an overweight child and had an unhealthy relationship with food for most of her life. She finally decided that enough was enough when the scale read 215 lbs. and attended camp with her Dad. She went home and implemented the knowledge and tools that she learned over the weekend and has never looked back. Kira has lost over 80 lbs. and she now mentors and coaches others to set and reach their health and fitness goals. Kira says once she realized she had complete power over her mind and body, nothing could stop her!

At 48 years old, Mike was starting to feel old. He saw the direction his health was going and made the decision to get well before he got sick. He flew out to Colorado from St. Louis and attended Bill Phillips Camp. In a matter of a few months Mike has completely transformed his body and life. He lost the unhealthy fat, gained muscle and strength, boosted his energy, and increased his heart health. He even proposed to his long time girlfriend and they will be getting married next year! Mike did the hard work and earned these great results!

Trish attended Transformation Camp at age 44. She leads a very busy lifestyle taking care of her children and family members. Trish finally decided that she had to start taking care of herself too. She noticed that day by day her health was declining and something had to change. Trish implemented the quick workouts, simple nutrition plans, and community support from Camp into her daily routine and is now over 77 lbs. lighter in less than 6 months! She is now setting a healthy example for her friends and family.

Koz attended two Bill Phillips Transformation Camps and at 50 years old he completely reshaped his body, rejuvenated his energy and mind, and added years to his life. Koz says that Camp helped him truly understand the real reasons behind his weight challenges and emotional eating and provided the motivation and support he needed to succeed. Koz shares that his own transformation was not just about weight, but also about his attitude, happiness, and outlook on the world. He no longer wanted to feel depressed and negative. Koz put in the work each day and has made incredible changes all while inspiring hundreds of others through his example.

Stronger, healthier, happier, more energetic, and 50 lbs. lighter: Geri, mother of 5, attended Camp and earned all of those results and more. She followed the exercises protocol, enjoyed the delicious meals, and practiced the mindset exercises while connecting with others who were also making challenging changes. Geri says that Transformation is her new way of life.

Carter flew in from New York to attend Camp with Bill Phillips. In these photos he is 49 years old and proves that you can make a stunning change at any age! Carter lost over 50 lbs of fat and is still going strong! He followed the plan he learned at Camp and not only became lighter on the scale, but also transformed his heart health, escaped Type II diabetes, gained muscle, and increased his energy. The success that Carter experienced in his body has now overflowed into his career, his family, and his life.

Air-Force Veteran, Craig, attended Camp at age 48 and has gone on to lose over 44 lbs of bodyfat while gaining strength, health, and energy. Craig says that Camp was Life Changing for him and provided exactly what he needed to finally make real and sustainable changes in his body and life. He no longer has knee pain and is able to enjoy his favorite activities like golf and biking. Craig learned how to finally bridge the gap between knowing and doing and is still going strong. He says that if you are sitting on the couch reading this, like he was, and wondering if Camp could really be worth it -- he assures you that it is, 10 times over. It will be the best gift that you could ever give yourself and your family!

A Message from Bill...

If you feel trapped in an unhealthy body that you don’t like, and if you feel like you don’t have the energy or motivation to make big changes in your life... come see me at Transformation Camp. Make an investment in yourself and let us help you get your body and life back!!

When you attend Camp you’ll work with me during Camp weekends as we develop a success strategy for you. I’ll also workout with you at Camp and together we’ll develop an exercise plan that gets you the 12-week results you want... and we’ll tailor this plan to work around your everyday life schedule. We’ll do the same for your eating and nutrition plan. We’ll put an end to the second guessing and confusion about exercise and nutrition once and for all. During our time together, I’ll also talk to you about how to maintain a positive mindset even on the most difficult days that you encounter. This is a key aspect of making a big change in your life that most people overlook.

During the weekend, each person in our Camp group will also have time to meet and connect with Transformation Champions--people who have achieved incredible results with their own body and life changes--and we’ll get their insight and tips as well. We’ll interact throughout the 3-day Camp weekend and we’ll even go to dinner together on Friday and Saturday night to get to know each other better. I promise that by the time you head home you will be inspired, fired up and focused... with a plan of action to follow that will allow you to finally achieve the transformation you want, and deserve!

Then my Team of Transformation experts will help you for 12 full weeks following camp... answering your questions, giving course correction, and keeping you motivated. Your Transformation Camp group will also stay connected through the 12 weeks providing motivation, inspiration and support to keep each other going.

The changes you have the potential to make right now are stunning and my specialty is helping you break free of what is holding you back and accelerating the unfoldment of your true potential to feel healthy, fit, strong and alive! But I can’t help you like this if I don’t ever get a chance to meet you in person and work with you and help you successfully transform!

Write to me now at Bill@Transformation.comThese spots will sell out fast so IF you are SERIOUS and READY to lose the unhealthy weight and replace it with vibrant, strong muscle, please, contact me right away so I can help you finally get the body you want. Include a phone number in your message so we can talk about your goals and challenges and start getting a Transformation Plan unique to you.

I am looking forward to meeting you,

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